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Schneewittchen in der Wiege
So stille ist's im Schlosse,
Geht Alles auf den Zeh'n,
Die Bronnen hört man rauschen,
Die Winde hört man wehn.

Schneewittchen in der Wiegen
Träumt lächelnd für sich hin,
Die Mutter schaukelt's leise,
Die blasse Königin.

Sie singt ein altes Liedchen,
Das hat so wehen Klang,
Durch hohe Bogenfenster
Schwebt zitternd der Gesang.

Da reckt der Tag die Glieder
Die Tauben werden wach,
Die Sonne klettert lustig
Bis auf des Schlosses Dach.

Schneewittchen in der Wiegen
Träumt lächelnd für sich hin
Die Mutter ist gestorben,
Die blasse Königin.
Anna Ritter

Liebe Grüße

Rezitante und Musäusfan-ny
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RE: Schneewittchen als Gedichtthema

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Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
Anne Sexton

No matter what life you lead
the virgin is a lovely number:
cheeks as fragile as cigarette paper,
arms and legs made of Limoges,
lips like Vin Du Rhône,
rolling her china-blue doll eyes
open and shut.
Open to say,
Good Day Mama,
and shut for the thrust
of the unicorn.
She is unsoiled.
She is as white as a bonefish.

Once there was a lovely virgin
called Snow White.
Say she was thirteen.
Her stepmother,
a beauty in her own right,
though eaten, of course, by age,
would hear of no beauty surpassing her own.
Beauty is a simple passion,
but, oh my friends, in the end
you will dance the fire dance in iron shoes.
The stepmother had a mirror to which she referred--
something like the weather forecast--
a mirror that proclaimed
the one beauty of the land.
She would ask,
Looking glass upon the wall,
who is fairest of us all?
And the mirror would reply,
You are the fairest of us all.
Pride pumped in her like poison.

Suddenly one day the mirror replied,
Queen, you are full fair, 'tis true,
but Snow White is fairer than you.
Until that moment Snow White
had been no more important
than a dust mouse under the bed.
But now the queen saw brown spots on her hand
and four whiskers over her lip
so she condemned Snow White
to be hacked to death.
Bring me her heart, she said to the hunter,
and I will salt it and eat it.
The hunter, however, let his prisoner go
and brought a boar's heart back to the castle.
The queen chewed it up like a cube steak.
Now I am fairest, she said,
lapping her slim white fingers.

Snow White walked in the wildwood
for weeks and weeks.
At each turn there were twenty doorways
and at each stood a hungry wolf,
his tongue lolling out like a worm.
The birds called out lewdly,
talking like pink parrots,
and the snakes hung down in loops,
each a noose for her sweet white neck.
On the seventh week
she came to the seventh mountain
and there she found the dwarf house.
It was as droll as a honeymoon cottage
and completely equipped with
seven beds, seven chairs, seven forks
and seven chamber pots.
Snow White ate seven chicken livers
and lay down, at last, to sleep.

The dwarfs, those little hot dogs,
walked three times around Snow White,
the sleeping virgin. They were wise
and wattled like small czars.
Yes. It's a good omen,
they said, and will bring us luck.
They stood on tiptoes to watch
Snow White wake up. She told them
about the mirror and the killer-queen
and they asked her to stay and keep house.
Beware of your stepmother,
they said.
Soon she will know you are here.
While we are away in the mines
during the day, you must not
open the door.

Looking glass upon the wall . . .
The mirror told
and so the queen dressed herself in rags
and went out like a peddler to trap Snow White.
She went across seven mountains.
She came to the dwarf house
and Snow White opened the door
and bought a bit of lacing.
The queen fastened it tightly
around her bodice,
as tight as an Ace bandage,
so tight that Snow White swooned.
She lay on the floor, a plucked daisy.
When the dwarfs came home they undid the lace
and she revived miraculously.
She was as full of life as soda pop.
Beware of your stepmother,
they said.
She will try once more.

Snow White, the dumb bunny,
opened the door
and she bit into a poison apple
and fell down for the final time.
When the dwarfs returned
they undid her bodice,
they looked for a comb,
but it did no good.
Though they washed her with wine
and rubbed her with butter
it was to no avail.
She lay as still as a gold piece.

The seven dwarfs could not bring themselves
to bury her in the black ground
so they made a glass coffin
and set it upon the seventh mountain
so that all who passed by
could peek in upon her beauty.
A prince came one June day
and would not budge.
He stayed so long his hair turned green
and still he would not leave.
The dwarfs took pity upon him
and gave him the glass Snow White--
its doll's eyes shut forever--
to keep in his far-off castle.
As the prince's men carried the coffin
they stumbled and dropped it
and the chunk of apple flew out
of her throat and she woke up miraculously.

And thus Snow White became the prince's bride.
The wicked queen was invited to the wedding feast
and when she arrived there were
red-hot iron shoes,
in the manner of red-hot roller skates,
clamped upon her feet.
First your toes will smoke
and then your heels will turn black
and you will fry upward like a frog,
she was told.
And so she danced until she was dead,
a subterranean figure,
her tongue flicking in and out
like a gas jet.
Meanwhile Snow White held court,
rolling her china-blue doll eyes open and shut
and sometimes referring to her mirror
as women do.

Liebe Grüße

Rezitante und Musäusfan-ny
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RE: Schneewittchen als Gedichtthema

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Schneewittchen hast im Scherz du dich genannt,
Da plaudernd einst zusammen wir gesessen,
Der Augen tiefes Blau, die Elfenhand,
Des Nackens Blondgekraus, wer kanns vergessen?
Noch jüngst - ich schritt ein hohes Tal entlang,
Es war gekrönt mit sieben Silberspitzen,
Die von dem himmelnahen Felsenhang
Herunter auf die grünen Pfade blitzen -
«Schneewittchen!" rief ich laut und unbewusst,
«Schneewittchen hinter deinen sieben Bergen!
Führst droben pünktlich du mit kühler Brust
Den kleinen Haushalt deinen sieben Zwergen?»
Ein spottend Echo nur antwortet’ mir,
Die Felsstirn rümpfte lachend ihre Falten;
Und doch, und doch, mir wars, ich hätt von dir,
Schneewittchen! einen lieben Gruss erhalten.
Conrad Ferdinand Meyer

Liebe Grüße

Rezitante und Musäusfan-ny
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RE: Schneewittchen als Gedichtthema

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Eine böse Königin fragt ihr Spieglein leise:
"Sag, ob ich die Schönste bin,
Spieglein wahr und Weise."

Spieglein sagt:
"Das kann nicht sein, hinter hohen Bergen,
wohnt Schmeewittchen wunderfein
bei den sieben Zwergen."

Da erschrak die Königin, lief viel´ hundert Meilen,
wollt wie eine Hökerin
zu Schneewittchen eilen.

Reichte ihr ein Äpflein dar, wollt die Maid verderben,
weil das Äpflein giftig war,
musst Schneewittchen sterben.

Und die Zwerge hielten Wacht an dem Sarg aus Glase,
und mit ihnen Tag und Nacht
weinten Reh und Hase.

Und in wunderbarer Stund´ kam ein Prinz zum Walde,
küsst Schneewittchen auf den Mund,
sie erwacht gar balde.

Feierte das ganze Land und zum Hochzeitsfeste
war´n die sieben Zwerge all´
liebe frohe Gäste.

Liebe Grüße

Rezitante und Musäusfan-ny
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RE: Schneewittchen als Gedichtthema

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